Waking up after an eye laser treatment

This is the story of Elke, a 34 year old freelance web designer and a proud mum of two daughters.

My love for cycling is what moved me to consider eye laser treatment. I always have been an ardent cyclist. I not only ride to my job, but I also ride at least 37 miles (60km) in the weekend. It's my hobby. But since I couldn't wear contacts anymore, I got in trouble combining cycling with glasses. My glasses don't bother me in my daily life, but it was inconvenient to ride with them, especially when it was raining. It didn't feel safe, and it was uncomfortable, too.

So I though, should I consider eye laser surgery?

I started researching eye laser treatments and after a few months I made a decision. I must say that the treatment was a lot better than I expected. The treatment just went exactly the way the ophthalmologist told me. Life after the treatment became easier! Look, cycling is just way better without having to wear glasses. Now that I no longer have cloudy glasses, I no longer care as much about the weather. There are so many advantages in not needing glasses and lenses when working out. But there's more. Waking up with an immediate perfect vision was an overwhelming feeling I never expected.

Did I forget to take out my lenses?

When I woke up the first morning after my treatment and opened my eyes, I thought, "Oh, no! I must have forgotten to take out my lenses!" Everything was clear. I could even read the hour on the alarm clock. It was a strange feeling, not having to first look for my glasses. It was surreal! It gradually dawned on me that I'm not wearing lenses anymore, and that I had an eye laser treatment. Every morning from now on would like this.

After some time, I could no longer imagine life without waking up and seeing everything so distinctly. How often did I hit my toe on something as I blunder my way to the bathroom at night, not wearing glasses? It's hard to explain it to people who never needed glasses or lenses. Especially when I'm on a holiday. Waking up in an unfamiliar place with an impaired vision often made me feel uneasy.


The impact of an eye laser treatment

I think that you can only fully estimate the impact of eye laser treatment after you've been treated. Life without glasses and contacts is easy to imagine, but in my case, it impacted my life beyond my expectations. The first ski holiday. Swimming. No longer having to go to the pharmacy and queue for contact solution. And waking up, of course. I'm still getting used to it. My ophthalmologist told me about this. Eventually, you get accustomed to it. But still, being able to see clearly every morning is a small miracle I'll always be grateful for.

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