Carl Zeiss Reference center

Today, Medifocus handles the most advanced techniques with success, thanks to its long experience. We actively exchange experiences with Carl Zeiss, the company who has a long-standing experience in the development of high quality laser equipment. This collaboration resulted in the fact that Medifocus has become a centre of reference for Carl Zeiss.

We organise trainings together and perform research towards new treatments. This exchange of knowledge is central to us. We believe that we can take our practice to a higher level by continuous personal training and by sharing our knowledge with other ophthalmologists.

Carl Zeiss has only a few of these reference centres worldwide. For Medifocus this collaboration is a perfect opportunity to perform the most advanced surgery. Other reference centres are, among others: Cologne, London, Lille, Luxemburg, Strasbourg, India, Aarhus, Denmark, Marburg and Stockholm.