About medifocus

Medifocus is accommodated in a brandnew building of Mediclinic, a private clinic located in Oud-Heverlee, between Leuven and Brussels. The ultramodern infrastructure of Mediclinic offers us the opportunity to provide high quality ophthalmology in a discrete and quiet environment.


Medifocus is certified as an extramural ophthalmology centre. This means that the quality of or work is controlled by an external, official inspection body. In Belgium there are about 20 of these centres. Therefore, the consultations and cataract operations in our centre are reimbursed by the national health services (RIZIV/INAMI). This reimbursement is identical to the one in any other hospital.


The monitoring and improvement of the quality of our eye care is a continuous process. Medifocus strives for the highest quality of healthcare through the formulation of fixed treatment protocols. This process is continuously evaluated by us, without losing sight of the individual patient.


All our treatments are proven to be effective and are sustained by scientific research. Our collaborators are being trained several times a year in order to follow the latest developments in the field of eye surgery. This knowledge is then put into practice and allows us to improve our care programs and results on a continuous basis.