About medifocus

Medifocus is accommodated in a brandnew building of Mediclinic, a private clinic located in Oud-Heverlee, between Leuven and Brussels. The ultramodern infrastructure of Mediclinic offers us the opportunity to provide high quality ophthalmology in a discrete and quiet environment.


Medifocus is certified as an extramural ophtalmology centre. In Belgium there are about 20 of these centres. This means that the quality of our work is controlled by an external, official inspection body. Therefore, the consultations and cataract operations in our centre are reimbursed by the national health services (RIZIV/INAMI). This reimbursement is identical to the one in any other hospital. Extramural centres have a different status within the Belgian healthcare. This has been the case for many years already. The biggest advantage is the transparency. Extramural centres work with pre-defined tariffs for  specific operations. There are no additional costs for private rooms, etc.


Maintaining and improving the quality of our treatments is a continuous process. Medifocus strives for the highest quality in healthcare through fixed treatment protocols. This process is subject to continued evaluation, both internally and externally. We will nonetheless never lose sight of the specific needs of our patients.

Medifocus is supervised by the following organisations:

  1. HEX. This organisation checks the sterility of the operating room. The absence of dust particles, bacteria and other particles in the air is verified with advanced measuring equipment.
  2. KIWA. This certification is not compulsory but has been requested on our own initiative. KIWA is, together with the ISO 9001, the most important international norm for quality control. KIWA checks whether the performed treatments are standardised and meet the current laws and regulations.
  3. Belgian Society for Private Clinics. Mediclinic is a founding member and driving force behind the Belgian Society for Private Clinics. This organisation endeavours to optimise the quality and patient safety in Belgian private clinics.
  4. Belgisch Oftalmologisch Gezelschap. This is the dutch-speaking department of the Belgian Association of Ophtalmologists.
  5. NOG. The Dutch Association of Ophtalmologists.
  6. NGRC. This organisation guards the quality of refractive surgery for Dutch patients.
  7. RIZIV. The Rijksinstituut voor Ziekte- en Invaliditeitsverzekering organises, manages and controls the obligatory health insurance in Belgium.


All our treatments have been proven effective and supported by the latest scientific research. Our staff members retrain on a regular basis as to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. This knowledge is then applied in our daily work. Hence we constantly improve our care programs and results. The additional training for our staff members is compulsory. We always foresee the necessary time for these trainings.

We are able to statistically analyse the results of our treatments. A rigourous follow-up after surgery is standard in our practice and is, for us, the most important part of the treatment. We consider laser eye surgery more as a trajectory rather than a one-off treatment. As a rule there are 4 check-ups after laser surgery. In 98% of all cases we perform a thorough follow-up so that we can build a complete and extensive database of our patients over the course of the years. Analysis of this data shows us how to improve in the future.