Follow up after the laser eye surgery

Websites of eye laser clinics provides mainly information on various treatments. Eventually, patients choose the clinic where they will be treated depending on the eye laser methods presented. The same applies at Medifocus. As a reference centre for ReLex smile-technology, many patients come to us. Really though, eye laser surgery includes a lot more than just the applied procedure. Eye laser surgery is much more than that. It is a process which begins with the preliminary examination and ends with the last check up.

Step by step

The first step in the procedure is a preliminary examination. This is an extensive examination wherein it's primarily determined if a treatment is possible. The thickness and the shape of the cornea, the size of the pupils and such will be measured. Based on these data, the light refraction in the eye is fully brought in chart. Next, the patient will receive a consultation whether treatment is possible, and if so, what the best option is. The second step is the treatment itself. Now the eyes are effectively corrected based on the results of the measurements performed during the preliminary examination. But the treatment does not end here. As with all our patients at Medifocus, we follow a meticulous procedure. Our norm is four check ups after the treatment wherein we charter the result of each examination. We measure the visual acuteness, the shape of the cornea, the effect of the treatment on the eye's density, pressure, and the size of the cornea.

The importance of aftercare

Why is the aftercare procedure so important? First of all, it is difficult for the patient to evaluate his own recovery. He can try to compare his one eye to his other, or how his vision had been before the treatment and after, but just this is inadvisable. After every retesting, the visual sight is objectively measured and we can exactly determine how the vision is recuperating. We then compare it with the average development of our entire group of patients to determine how fast or slow your sight is recuperating.

Secondly, it is important to follow up on the recuperation of the cornea to see whether it is necessary to adapt the medication. Despite the fact that most patients follow the same eye drop regimen, it is in some cases necessary to increase the frequency of certain eye drops, or even to reduce it more quickly. This is why we place importance in the consistent examination of our patients during the aftercare. We cannot determine all these by e-mail or phone. Medifocus is, after all, a reference centre for eye laser surgery. This means that we are one of the facilities which compiles Carl Zeiss data and if necessary, adapt the surgical protocols accordingly. This is only possible if we apply an accurate follow-up on the results of our treatment.

Six months

Patients come for the aftercare a day, a week, a month and lastly, six months after the treatment. We charter the eye once again during the last postsurgical check up and determine exactly what the result of the visual acuity is. For most patients this means that they could perfectly see without glasses or lenses. With this last check up we provide a PDF for the patient which documents all the data of the treatment and can be necessary for future reference. With this ends the basic follow up procedure. You are free, of course, to return for questions or should any problem arise.

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