Cost eye surgery

Patients who are covered by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union (JSIS), can have reimbursement of laser eye surgery after approval of the JSIS, also for  ReLEx smile laser eye surgery. After the preliminary examination we draw up the required document that is needed to reclaim reimbursement. For more information about the costs of eye surgery and other treatments, please contact us at

The foundation of our pricing policy

  • You will know the total cost of treatment beforehand, without any surprises or additional fees afterwards. Our fees include the following:
    • Preliminary examination: If we need to repeat measurements to improve accuracy, we will do so at no extra charge.
    • Laser eye surgery: Should an enhancement procedure be necessary within 1 year after your surgery in order to optimize the results, you will not be charged additional fees.
  • Our quality guarantee:
    • We use the latest equipment and maintain the safest conditions.
    • Procedures are performed by a trained and certified surgeon.
    • In the case of LASIK treatment, we always use a femtosecond laser. We never use the much cheaper microkeratome.
  • Our costs reflect the actual cost differences between the various treatment methods. Therefore, we can always recommend the treatment that's right for you—clearly and openly.
  • We offer 24/7 access to your surgeon’s cell phone after your laser eye surgery.

Our Eye surgery costs

Preliminary examination  
Screening € 50,-
Preliminary examination € 100,-
Second opinion  
Second opinion € 250,-
PRK/LASEK 1400,- per eye
Femto-LASIK 1700,- per eye
ReLEx smile 2000,- per eye
Femto-LASIK personalized 2000,- per eye
After the surgery  
Enhancements no cost for 12 months