Laser treatment for presbyopia

Having difficulties with reading?

Are you in your early 40s and do you encounter any difficulties with your near vision or with reading? Then you might suffer from presbyopia. The solution? Maybe reading glasses, but these are often considered to be unpractical. Laser treatment of the cornea or refractive lens exchange, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy a sharp near vision again.

Reading glasses for nearsightedness too?

Do you suffer from nearsightedness, too, then you are probably wearing multifocal lenses or separate reading glasses and glasses for nearsightedness. Others may wear lenses for nearsightedness and alternate with reading glasses. Each situation is different, as wearing glasses and lenses also depends on your life style and profession. Which is why you can appeal to Medifocus’s specialists.

Do you only wear reading glasses?

Then laser treatment as well as lens replacement is possible. The preliminary examination will determine which treatment you qualify for.

Nearsighted as well?

Then your age determines the presbyopia treatment. In people younger than 50, we mostly perform laser eye surgery. This type of surgery primarily focuses on optimizing distance vision, but often also improves reading abilities.

In people older than 50, lens replacement is the best option to treat nearsightedness as well as farsightedness. Thanks to a trifocal lens, you are 90% sure to be released from any type of glasses. 10% of the patients does need a small correction by means of glasses, but in a far lesser degree than before the treatment.

Take the first step

Would you like to know whether you qualify for a presbyopia laser treatment? Do not hesitate to contact Medifocus for more information about laser eye surgery or to schedule an appointment.