ReLEx smile and the fire brigade

Bart, a 32 year old fire fighter, has returned to his fire truck only three days after his ReLEx smile eye laser treatment. Sounding the siren, he goes on his way to a shed which caught fire due to a short circuit. "It is a huge difference compared to before," comments Bart. "Not that it was so bad that I couldn't see. But I never could see so distinctly. And that's a disadvantage in my profession. Contacts and glasses were no options."

Active jobs

Eye laser treatments and professions such firefighting and the police is common combination. Active jobs such as these are disadvantaged by glasses and contact lenses. It also impossible to pass the medical examination with a much too high vision. This is only sensible as dangerous situations must be performed without the need of vision aids. People such as Bart cannot risk being compromised simply by becoming visually impaired when they lose their spectacles or contact lenses.

"I have considered eye laser treatment for a long time," says Bart, "But I was afraid of LASIK. The flap created on the surface will always remain a fragile spot on my eye. Though chances are slim that I would hit my eye in my line of work - it's still a risk. This is the reason I was sold the moment I heard of ReLEx smile."

ReLEx smile versus LASIK

It's a logical reasoning. One of the main differences between ReLEx smile and LASIK is the fact that ReLEx smile does not make the eye delicate. Since this method does not involve a flap being created, there is also no risk of complications even if you'd hit your eye on something. For this reason it has become a safer procedure for active jobs such as the fire brigade and the police force. The same applies to athletes. Eye laser surgery is an operation that must be customised to every individual. Many aspects must be taken into account before deciding on the best treatment. Your current profession is one of them.

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