Preliminary examination

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate for eye treatment, we conduct a preliminary examination. Medifocus believes this should be done very thoroughly. In turn, we expect the following from you: 

  • You should stop wearing soft contact lenses 1 week prior to the examination (4 weeks in the case of hard contact lenses). Contact lenses change the curvature of your cornea and may therefore affect the examination measurements.
  • If you can’t do without your contact lenses, we will split the examination into two phases:
    • You can wear your contact lenses until the day before the examination. We will conduct a basic screening which will tell you whether you are eligible for treatment.
    • If the results show that you are a suitable candidate, we will conduct a full eye examination at a later date. For this exam, your contact lenses will need to be left out for the full 2 weeks. 
  • After the preliminary examination, you cannot drive yourself home. We use dilating drops to examine the inside of your eye, and these will temporarily blur your vision.

What do we learn from this preliminary examination?

  • The exact refraction error (error in the focusing of light) of your eyes
  • Any contraindications that would make treatment impossible
  • The treatment options that provide the best, safest results for you

This preliminary eye exam improves the accuracy of the procedure and reduces the risks. The results of this examination are valid for 3 months. 

Click here of you want to make an appointment for a preliminary examination.